Today I read an article on Wikipedia and as it usually happens I started to follow interesting links. After reading few articles I appeared on a page describing Berlin wall. This topic was very interesting for me so I spent almost an hour reading all related pages.
Then I decided to check what Russian version of the same page tells me.
When I completed to read I was shocked.
There content of these pages is absolutely different. On the English page I learned that wall was built by GDR to prevent escaping of eastern citizens to west. It was much worse to live in closed country; vast majority of well-educated people run away from here. While on the Russian page there are facts about wall’s length, about how it was build, about how its fortifications. But much fewer about the reason why it was built. 
In Russian Wikipedia there is neither page about “Eastern Bloc emigration and defection”nor about Peter Fechter.
 It is so crappy.  I think it’s the weakest trait in Russians – to refuse to accept their history as is.