What is business?
I remember I heard somewhere: if you want to start business you have to find some problem other people meet and you don’t like and then try to solve it. Try to find a solution and sell it for your customers. It’s pretty clear.
But what if your country is a problem? What if I see this problem and it can’t get rid of thoughts about it? What if government in your country tortures people in aim to make them say lie? Is it problem too big to be solved? For now I hesitate to give an answer.
The increase of education fee in my country is usually backdated. Students including me usually have to pay penalty. Is it ok? They don’t warn you.
I see scared people in public transport. They think something but they don’t say. Everybody care about their today, but not tomorrow. They care only about themselves.
Why do most of people in North Korea love their government so much? I think the answer is they never sought an alternative. Something like that but not in the same degree is happening in my country. People never sought difference. Only few percent of Belarusian’s population had ever sought Europe or America. This is the saddest part of the story: people die never having seen the difference.
Internet rises up. It’s a big hope 🙂
I am not okay with my country. I don’t like it is being rejected by all other developed countries. I want it to be fair. What if I was born in America or Europe?  I probably would think about different problems. I wouldn’t have to think about human rights and justice. I probably could just work for money. Or (what is better) get deeply in science. I really want it.
How can I leave all these problems? I see people are being deceived. I can’t let it go, right? I want my country to rise. We have so many talented people that are distributed all over the world. They don’t want to waste their time in Belarus. I want them to come back.
If you’ll ask somebody about Belarus, first they’ll say “Lukashenko”. He is not the right person Belarus should be associated with. 
I am sure everything will be ok. It’s just a question of time, but I want it to happen as soon as possible. 
Recently I had a flight from Germany and there was a Dutch guy on the next seat who said “We won our freedom fifty years ago. We fought shoulder by shoulder”. So I know what we have to do.
I want to ask you guys from HN. What are your suggestions? What do you think is the better way for me, for us, for Belarus? How to solve these problems better? I think the biggest opportunity today is Internet. It’s getting very very hard today to hide lies and injustice. And that’s great =) I see problems in my country as an opportunity for very big and positive changes.
I want to thank HN.  HN community is really inspiring 🙂 I was fascinated when saw like you guys stopped SOPA. It was very exciting.
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