The compilation of thoughts. I’ve made these notes about two months ago, but then I thought I would come back and edit them lately. Today I came and I like them as they are. So you have a raw version. 
What I found is that all cool people like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein or Paulo Coelho have the same life-attitude. They go against grain. I want to clarify that it’s not the goal in itself to go against the grain. The goal is to do right things. Ask your conscience. If it says that something is wrong you have to try to change it. Even if it goes against traditions, majority opinion or whatever.
Where do we all go? I think it’s very big deception there.
So, only the people who are confident enough to be able to think that authority or prevailing opinion is wrong are able to achieve happiness.
Why don’t you have to worry about fail? It’s because there is no fail. Roughly speaking, there is no you or something else. There is just life itself. Just relax and enjoy. Someday you will die. The only thing that matters is that someday it will over. That’s why you have to enjoy your life. There will be nobody to tell your justifications to. It’s not bad, the opposite actually. It’s cool! You are free to do whatever you want. No external expectations, no useless commitments, just your wishes and your life.
OK, you made wrong decision. Something failed. Stop thinking about it! What if you were in the center of battlefield and somebody injured you. If you thought too much you would die. You have to continue to fight. Think less!
I think the common sense of life all people share despite their religion, lifestyle or something else is to make a dent in the universe. It’s to make at least a small positive change. It’s to be remembered and to be valued.


I think the most important point of this article is a phrase “Think less!” Especially for those who think much.
photocredit –  Klearchos Kapoutsis