I realized really simple thing recently. Try is million times better than think. The real world is much more representative than any models either they are built in mind or on the sheet of paper.

You will never know exactly how something will go until you try it.

You can think three hundred times and still have no precise result. If you see attractive girl all you need to do is to go and ask her to give you her phone. You don’t need to think about HOW it can turn out. All you have to do is to GO and DO IT. It should be super-fast and easy. No hesitation. You ask me: “What to do with these fearful thoughts preventing me from doing that?” The answer is to ignore them, because they can’t disappear immediately.

The same thing is for startups and ideas. If you have an idea right away after it appears in your mind you should go and make a first step to implement it. If you will think too much it will sink in the swamp of never implemented plans and ideas or will just go away or will be implemented by someone else.

5 months of doing everything to achieve nothing.

I had an idea named Great Work. It was a service aimed to help people find their passion. Yes I know it sound crazy and super naïve but I worked on that. I started to work on planning, graphics, presentations, pictures, descriptions, articles, investments and so on. I worked on everything but not the project itself. 5 months passed but I didn’t have anything done. So finally that idea died in my mind. One day I realized that I was just tired of that. I didn’t want it and it didn’t excite me anymore. I event didn’t make a first step to implement it but I had tons of plans and presentations. The good outcome from that story is:

Try fast. Fail. Move forward.

Idea and 10 minutes implementation

Once I got an idea to create a vkontakte-page with inspirational quotes in Belarusian. Right away after this idea appeared I opened browser and created that page with few posts. Since four months there are 1.2k subscribers. I know it’s not super great result, but it is result.

If you make mistakes you move forward.

Mistakes aren’t bad. Mistakes are good. They teach you how to NOT do something. In most cases this is more important than HOW to do something.

photocredit purplejavatroll