This post is about my first cool Rails project.

Last five days my evenings are full of Rails.

About five days ago a friend of mine asked me what my two favorite books are. I thought a bit and said A Lord from Planet Earth and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He noted. I asked him what he was doing.  He replied that he was making a small interview among his friends to determine what their favorite books are. Just for fun.
That time I worked on my first Rails project. Rails and My project kept my excited and I immediately got an idea that it could be funny and pretty easy to create such a small website, where user can vote for his favorite two books.  I imagined a page with one big input for book title. Input should be definitely with autosuggestion. Also there should be all these cool stuff: big buttons, various “likes”, autocomplete, etc. So I was inspired enough to make estimates…
My initial estimate was 20 minutes. Then I realized I am not a pro Rails programmer so it can take up to one or two hours.
I told about estimates to a friend of mine and we decided it was worth it. I created a new project folder named Best Books Ever.
I finished just yesterday – almost six days after I got an idea. I worked for it about 4 hours a day. The final result is – 20 hours.  It seems that I overestimated my Rails skills a little bit.
Best Books Ever is launched. I made my vote. Rails is really cool. After two years of J2EE it’s like a breath of fresh air.
Today I thought about adding a country filter to the “Thank You” page. It seems interesting to see what books are being read in different countries.
Vote for your favorite books and call friends to vote!
Thanks for coming!