Hey, I am Philip from Minsk .

Here is the list of things I do:

I live.

Yes, that’s obvious. If I write this article I live. But I mean I have started to live. Because what I do now compared to what I did before is really different.

I studied programming so from the second year of studying I was offered a job and started to make money working as a developer. That was cool. I gained super huge amount of experience in programming and all related areas.

Successful people for me are those who live for something bigger than just money. So I have always been interested in such people. I have read many biographies and books about personal development. I have started to follow the startup community. And the final thing which I have extracted from those experiences, books and biographies is that successful people do what they want to do. It’s just that simple but it changed many things to me. I realized that.

I run software consulting company.

called Flat Logic which is super fun.

I teach.

2 years ago my friend and I started course.by project. It’s a kind of open-source offline courses platform. Everyone can teach, everyone can learn. But what is really cool about course.by is that it’s free and it in Belarusian language. It’s unbelievable, but there is no programming courses in Belarus in Belarusian. We decided they should be. Because we believe in truth about Belarus.
So I am a teacher there. I teach HTML5 and Rails.

I ride my bike.

It has two parts that are very important for me. Firstly it is sport. After riding a bike for 30-40 minutes you have a very huge boost of energy. Secondly it is an action. I like to ride at high speed somewhere in the forest or, sometimes, at the street. Last summer I climbed Hoverla with my bike in a single trip.

I run in the mornings.

This takes me directly to euphoria.

I blog. Or at least, blogged 🙂

In both Belarusian and English. It seems that I like to write.